Tuesday, August 21, 2007


If there is one other place I would rather be than with my family right now it would be with my father in law riding this monster http://www.audax-club-parisien.com/ bottom left paris brest paris, click on english version. He started 5am today.. wish him luck! Hopefully in 4yrs when it comes around again I will have the time and the balls to try it. cykel staerkt og pas godt pa dig selv, Johan... true dedication!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

CAUTION, possable boasting!

packed the mountain bike this morning just in case i got off work early enough to sneak a quick chubb ride in. Big road ride tomorrow so I only wanted to do a fast single. work went smooth, finished up around 1:30 headed for chubb. My legs was a little tired still from the night ride Thursday but not a big deal, I had one thing to do and that was to get this thing done in 1 hour. others have done it and I have always wanted to. The first time I ever road chubb it took me something like 2 hrs + on my buddys bike. The year before I started racing my best was 1:20 ride time only and I remember after that ride somebody talking about some fast dude who did a double in 2hrs and that was when chubb was technical! Since then I have ridden it more times then I could count, I always stick to the same basic, lone elk straight out and straight back unless I'm riding with somebody else. If I want to get chubb done in less than a hour here's what has to be done, have to be at the tracks in less than 4 min, its a must to be at the start of the big climb in 12 to 13 min. get there to fast and the climb is going to kill me so I always try to save a little. usually go really hard to the rock face and then set in a nice groove to the picnic table, its a must to be at the picnic table in under 20 min. from the picnic table to west tyson is the best, you gotta ride it like its black top and get to the end 28 to 29 min. turn around and do it in reverse. picnic table in less than 42 min. slam the downhill and hall ass through the flats and hopefully save something for the last climb. get to the last climb in 56:30 and well shouldn't be a problem finishing it up in less than a hour! gotta love the chubb.... made it home early, wife cooked up a awesome meal and my parents stopped by for a great evening.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

100 miles of hills

I should dedicate this ride to Chris Ploch he mentioned this idea for a ride last Feb. when we did a double at berryman. The road rides from the last few weeks was kind of a building block to figure out what hills would work the best and create the funnest loop. So I headed out a little after 5am with the bike bag packed full, 3 mini bagels half dozen or so jells 5 water bottles total, extra tubes and the other basic stuff. always try to keep it self supported, doesn't always work though like last week, stopped to get a bottle of water, and had some Hoosier lady on her smoke brake wanting to know how much my shoes costed cause they sure look expensive, but she did comment they were pretty as some rednecks gettin out of there big pickup eye in me up as if they wanted to well, I will leave that one for the imagination. So I will leave the gas stations for a last resort. So today's ride went great little over 10 grand of climbing, and had to go about 3 tenths of a mile past my house to get 100 miles exactly. I think my total time for the ride was 6:20. ran into an old friend an chatted a bit and the head wind kind of got me good in a few spots on the loop kept me from doing this thing in the six hours I was hoping for.