Sunday, October 25, 2009

BT Epic was crazy sick!

Man O Man was this race awesome even with some pretty nasty conditions! Felt better than I ever had and the only thing that really hurt was my jaws from smiling to much. Good stuff! Very stoked with Jim taking 5th. its going to be a ton of fun training with him on the MTB this winter. Lot of cool people with great attitudes at this race, definitely one to put on your calender next year. Biggest of thanks to Scott the Promoter for the huge payout!!! Results. I will definitely do a full write up in a few days. Also big thanks Jim for the motivation coming through the Berryman campground and all of the work you and the others did on getting this trail race ready!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Pre BT epic was sick.

Me and the other half of the Dynamic Duo as John would put it did a pre ride of the BT epic course earlier this week. All I can say is this course is awesome and has a little bit of something for everyone. So after riding these trails all winter and most of the summer I shouldn't have any issues with getting off trail like last year, although going out to hard is probably going to be a problem as with the competition that is showing up for this race. Its going to be awesome to finally get to race against some guys that I have been wanting to race against for a while. Two things to remember for the race, keep your air in your tires and your heart in your chest and all should be good, other than that if I ain't blown by the top of the first climb I am doing something wrong!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who knew?

Hi! This is Bettina, Dwayne's boss :-)
Ok, so pretty much all Dwayne writes about on this blog is all his macho stuff that he does. His bikeriding, and his love for power tools. But who really knows about his OTHER hobbies? Well, I thought I would show you (I'm so lucky to know his password for his blog).
As you are well aware we went to Denmark recently for my brother's wedding. The day before the wedding we all pitched in to get the reception place looking sweet (like Dwayne would put it). Now there was things to be done where Dwayne could have voluntiered to use his big muscles, but what does he decide to do instead? This ---

He wants to make flower arrangements.... Look how gentle he is with them. Not so much man over him anymore...

And look how proud he looks too :-)

So if you or anyone you know needs any flower arrangements, you know who to call!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Council Bluff race 09

I cant believe its been a week already since the race. This week went by as fast as the race did, its good to be busy. I finally had a really good CB race, first time that I finished not feeling totally destroyed. The single speed worked great for almost 5 laps. I was hoping to get 9 laps on it and would of loved 8. Finishing up the 5th lap I should of went to the geared bike but couldn't do it. I paid for it on the 6th lap with some pretty good leg cramps. Not a big deal I went to the geared bike for my 7th lap and got hooked in with one of the guys on a team, that was fun. I think we rode most of the whole lap together and I finished up with my fastest ride time laps of the race even fighting off cramps. Did you know that chewing endurolytes makes cramps go away faster, good stuff! 8th lap was great. I have always suffered greatly on the 8th lap in this race and never really got to enjoy the night laps. This year it was awesome. Scott from Cyclewerx had finished up his 6hr race and gave me a hand getting my lights ready and pushed me off with a good vibe. I was pushing a little trying to catch Mitch but I was pretty sure he was already gone, which he was! Going into the 9th lap was fun but I was getting tired. So no more hard efforts I just rode. Probably the funnest part of the race was catching up with Matt O. He was taking a break along side the trail. Matt was in happy land. I love happy land been there a lot of times. I was going to ride with him to finish the race but figured I better get going because I wasn't sure how close Zach was. So I finished up the race feeling way better than last year and a little faster time than last year. I stuck to my goal way better this year than years past and didn't fall off of it until the middle of the sixth lap which was mostly because of the single speed. I wish I would of had one easier gear but lucky I had the geared bike are I wouldn't of finished the race. Big congrats to Mitch for winning his first 12hr solo race and to Matt Oachs for finishing 7 laps on this tough course. Thanks to Mesa for putting on one of the funnest races of the year.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CB 09

Pretty stoked about the 12hr Council Bluff race this year. I didn't get to do any 12hr races yet with doing so many shorter races. Although unlike other years this year I have gotten in plenty of pre riding on the course. After the conditions of the CB race last spring I don't think it could ever be that bad, and it really wasn't that bad after all of the snow melted and you got used to not having any brakes!! Besides it has to rain before every MTB race this year. Looking forward to getting to ride my bike for 12hrs STOKED!! Another person that is a little more excited than I am is my buddy Jim. He picks up his brand new GF SuperFly tomorrow just in time for the CB race. The Superfly will make a big difference over his 27 pound f/s he was riding. Its cool having Jim hooked on the mountain bike again.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

9 yrs...

Me and Bettina have been married for 9 years today. I can still remember when we were dating and we were trying to figure out how we could be together. Spending a year apart when she went back to Denmark was tough but I think it made us realize how much we really loved each other. I still wonder what we did with all of that free time before Lucas. Its amazing how much you can love some one but I don't think I ever realized how much until we made our family complete with Lucas. 9 years is a long time but nothing compared to a life time that I would like to share with you. Remember the last words I wrote to you before we were going to spend that year apart, for a time are a life time. I think we are on our way to a life time.. Thanks for a great 9 years, Happy anniversary sweetie cakes!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Greensfelder race 09

More pics of the race.
3 years of doing this race on this course and 3 wins in the Marathon, Endurance class. The course was ran the same way as the 3 previous years so for myself it is fun to compare times of each year. You always want to know if your getting faster are slower. Of course there are always other things that come into play and I will usually analyze everything. I think I will always miss racing the other side of the course but this side flows better and you can pretty much ride it in the rain without any real problems thanks to Gorc. This race started off like any other race, fun and fast. I expected Jim Van Deven and Doug Davis to be on my wheel from the start but they got stuck behind a few people. I hit the first and second lap pretty hard and didn't see anybody close at the top of the gravel climb. Found out later that Doug flatted and Jeremy was breaking in his new 29er which wasn't going to good. Put it on cruise control for the next bunch of laps just trying to stay under the 15 minute a lap pace. Caught up with Jim on lap 9 he was trying to recover from a serious bonk. Bad luck for him, he is usually hammering me into the ground at the 3hr mark on the BIG ride. I was stoked that he kept going and finished the race. At some point my zipper on my bag came open and all my stuff fell out. Recovered most of it except my Co2 inflator, if you found one would love to get it back. Anyway that probably cost me from making it out on a 13lap. Last year I barely made it and still did 13 in 3hrs 14 min 45sec. Brad and Zach were pushing me the whole way last year, they only missed the cut off by a few minutes. So anyway got in 12 laps in 3hrs and 41 seconds. Avg. speed 10.7 Avg. hrt rate 160 about 8 beats lower than last year. After the Sac race back in July I know what I can do late in a race just didn't have nobody knocking on my door to want to get it done! That race sealed the deal for the series. Thanks to Bob and Drj for putting on a great race on one of my favorite courses. Its hard to believe I have raced at Greensfelder every year since I started racing in 2003.

Tuesday me and Jim did our 3hr loop. It was nice to get back to chasing his wheel! Its hard to beleive we are already using are lights. That ride hurt worse than the race...