Sunday, October 14, 2007

nice weekend

With all of the races and training rides over the last couple of months it was good to get some stuff done around the house and spend some time with the family. Lucas had a blast picking out his pumpkin or at least sitting on it!! He did manage to get one in the wagon and pull it around the whole place, tough little guy.

Monday, October 8, 2007

12hrs of Burnin

To make it more interesting you should read Dave's Post. I couldn't make this race last year and the 2 previous years I took second to Dave. Last year Chris Ploch set a new course record and that is what I wanted to beat this year. I knew I would need Dave to get there and I would have to beat him to get it. Its funny because when I did the 24 two weeks ago I kept such a good pace because in the back of my mind I was wanting to save some for this race. I knew within a couple of days after the 24 that the legs would be good to go for this one. The strategy is what makes these races so much fun. I had some idea of what I wanted to do and it all depended on how Dave started out the race.

The run went good and I kept Dave in sight, so I knew at this point Dave was probably going to go hard for a few laps to put some hurt on! strategy for me was to keep the heart rate in check and to stay some what close. I figured that going super hard in the endurance series on the first lap would have Dave thinking I would do the same here. My goal was to hit my fastest lap on lap 3. My first lap went great although I felt a little sketchy on the course (should of did a preride) I guess stuff changes in 2yrs.

So going into the second lap I got the ipod going and was planning on picking the pace up a little felt like I had better lines. Things were going great until I noticed some one up ahead with a problem. Mr Breslin was fixing a flat. This made it tough, wish I could of helped him fix the flat so we could continue or race. No such luck from Dave I had to keep going. So now the strategy changes I will have to go hard and make Dave hurt to catch up, this will be a benefit later in the race.

Going into the third lap I backed off instead of going hard I knew Dave would be catching up soon and I wanted to be fresh to be able to hang with him. My pace was still pretty high because I was done with 3 laps in pretty much 3 1/2hrs. That's when things changed for me when I came through they said Dave was out. That was my motivation killer. In my head I had it all planned out. We would go out on the 10 lap to battle for the win we would destroy ourselves, I would laugh and cry at the same time at how great this is as we climb that last climb to the finish pushing beyond anything for the win!

So the 4th lap sucked I had to find some new motivation. I knew I could get 9 laps in no problem along as there was no mech. but I gave up on beating Chris record. I knew at this point I didn't have it for this day and I wondered if I would of had it even if Dave would of not flatted!

The rest of the laps were pretty much samo until the 8th lap. motivation snuck back in and I was having a lot of fun. By the 9th lap I was stoked at how good I felt compared to 2yrs ago when I only did 8 and hurt real bad. The first year I did this race I remember getting to the Dam on my 8th lap my light was crapping out and my legs were cramping really bad, so I decided to lay down in the grass and stair at the stars at that point I knew even though I hurt really bad that I loved doing this. So since then on the last lap of the 12hr races I always find a good spot to sit and relax for a few minutes to think back on the day. And then cruise to the finish.... very stoked at the miles I just did!

I am very stoked on winning this race. There were plenty of other very strong solo racers there. Big congrats to Mitch for taking second and making my bike ride like it is supposed too! would still love to know what happened to Jeremy Bradshaw (sp) we thought there was a mistake when they didn't announce your name at the awards! Major thanks to the DRJ crew for giving me a hand when I needed it even though you guys were racing to (pics and Results) thanks Dave for your support it had to be hard to have to watch the rest of the race! I already cant wait for next year, this race is a must for everybody...

Monday, October 1, 2007

Lucas riding his bike

Whats better than riding in a 24hr mountain bike race, watching your little guy learn how to ride his bike for the first time. over the weekend he was figuring out how to get the pedals to turn then today it kind of all came together pedal turn pedal. great job bubby. Maybe daddy will take ya out to chubb. Okay I will at least wait until we take the training wheels off!!!