Tuesday, July 31, 2007

does it matter!

The last three weeks have been fun filled. lot of work with the big boss out of town but its all good. I had planned some big rides this month with no races. It started a couple of weeks back with a triple, triple chubb, kept the lap times at avg 1:15 total time for the ride felt really freakin good! got in a good and early ride Sunday, this ride is changing every week, so far I've hit every hill off of old Lemay there are some good ones and some that are a waste of time, the good ones get added to the loop and then doubled, wette rd will always be the favorite. so far the loop is up to 9 grand of climbing in about 5 1/2 hours.. trust me it feels really freakin good!! been getting some good 3hr plus night rides in through the week, pretty much same loop little mellowed out...

So Ive been riding my a$$ off lately, as in for the last 3 or 4 years and for what! because I've always wanted to do a 24. I can only imagine the effort it will take to do this thing the way i want to do it.. every race in time becomes more or less just another race, so i wonder, does this race more than any other really matter!! Riding without racing is freedom, but racing is the motivation to ride for that feeling of freedom... besides I'm a sucker for pain.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

so I was checking out some other blogs out there, and its amazing how many races/rides that there is! wish I could hurry up and win the lottery... but there was some that got my attention for next year, this is one of them... http://vaportrail125.com/ They don't take very many people, but this would be an awesome ride.

Going up wedde rd. the top is up there somewhere!

Went out for a early ride this morning since I'm going to skip the binder race. (ride from home, save gas, spend time with the family, get stuff done) so i made it a bigger than normal ride, doubled up on all of the big climbs. got some serious elevation on this one... rode into a couple of guys on old Lemay, at least almost, coming off of sheck rd, you can almost hit 45 if u got balls and I'm sure there's people faster, problem is you have to try and stop at the bottom to make a right on old Lemay, didn't see no cars, but didn't see the bikers either, sorry about that! Hope you made it back to west county alright with the directions i gave you guys.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


"Test of Strength" An endurance race my father in law Johan did in Norway, 540km in 21 hrs total time. The rain had to make it interesting, great job! also big congrats to my brother in law Andreas for winning a time trial race last weekend with an avg 26mph that's seems real fast!! This is a picture of us before a big ride we did last year while we were visiting them...


future racers

We have a lot of hills around our house, which means a lot of climbing to get to the park. the way back is much worse, no complaints from the family, Bettina loves playing at the park almost as much as Lucas..
This is a perfect warm up ride for me, added in another 54 miles, made it to the top of old 21 in 45 minutes personal best for myself. 15 1/2 miles 1000ft of climbing, the rest of the ride went great added in another 4000ft of climbing....