Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Nue Series

Me and a few others are hoping to do 4 of these. Link I didnt get a chance to do any last year but have done a few in the past, very good stuff. Thinking about doing them on the Single Speed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.

Time goes by to fast, its hard to believe we are already starting a new year. Last year was a great year. Starting the new business, learning a whole different side of construction that I was unfamiliar with. Having a dream and believing in it, believing that you can truly love your job and what you do can make a difference to how people look at house building. At the end of the day excepting nothing less then complete satisfaction. Finally riding my Mountain bike over 200 miles in a 24hr period, 250 to be exact and doing it on a Single speed. BT epic was something in its own, we can have the best race of our life and at the right given time that best race could turn out to be almost to easy! I still think a part of that race was lost when Eric got hurt. Me, Shot, Tillford and Eric had such a great flow going on and it would of been awesome to of kept that going. The race season wouldn't of been right for me without getting to see someone win for the first time. It was definitely time for Mitch to win a 12hr. This race season couldn't of been more perfect, Syllamo, being a part of the 29er crew. And after doing so many races never loosing the concept that at the end of the day its just riding a bike. But more important things, family. None of this would work without the awesome support from my wife and little boy who are always finding new ways to put a smile on my face. Everyday is a new day to being a better day, enjoy it! Happy New Year...