Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Road racer?

Awesome pic my wife took...
Hanging out up front not knowing what the heck I was doing, fun stuff...

Okay so I have done more road racing this year than Mountain bike racing. Strange! I did my first Crit race on Sunday at Forest Park. Crazy fun. Bettina and Lucas came along to enjoy the beautiful day. Which is one of the reasons for doing a little more of the road stuff this year. The crit races seem to be a little more spectator friendly versus the MTB races. Anyway the race was awesome, totally different than what I am used to. For the last 5 are 6 years I have been training to keep the highest pace I could maintain for 3 to 24hrs of racing. Its fun learning to max the hrt rate than recover and do it again, along with trying to understand what is going on with the race who is trying to go off the front, what team is doing what, who's strong. It makes MTB racing seem so easy. So for the race I was wanting to get off the front in a break, kind of did that a few times. Get used to riding in a big group, did that. Finish in the pack, pretty much did that. Probably wont go for any field sprint finishes anytime soon, but hey you never know. Looking forward to some more. Side note the little guy is still growing super strong, less than 2 months to go, the wife is looking more beautiful than ever = ). Good times!

Monday, March 14, 2011

St Joe results

Results lap splits
36 07
37 01
37 08
37 37
37 51
I wanted to have a faster last lap, but was running into
a lot of racers from other classes, appreciate everybody
letting me by, either way it still would have been in the
37 range. its funny, no matter how fast you go you always
want more, even if its just a few seconds. Pretty cool to see
how close some of the racers were to the cut off time and
still went out for another lap, especially on a 7.5 mile lap!
For me its about the ride more than the race, I think for
a lot of endurance racers its the same thats what makes
the Marathon class so much fun.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

St Joe race, 3/13/11

The last time I did a 3hr race was Sep 2009. Time fly's. Last year I was super busy with the business, not much has changed there just learning to take time to do the other stuff that I love. Jim couldn't make it so that was a major bummer. It was a tough choice on what bike to race, SS or geared. I have a super light rigid fork on the geared that will eventually be on the SS so I have been wanting to try that out and with not having a hard enough gear for the SS for this course the geared bike was the choice. The course is a true mountain bike course with some super fast single track, it has about everything you could want in a trail. even got to go through a tunnel! The race went great, no flats! Pushed pretty hard but nothing crazy, would of needed Jim there for that. Must of been doing something right though I ended up avg 12mph for the 3hr 6min only a couple other 3hr races have I ever been faster, must of been the rigid fork. Nice to see a lot of racers in the Marathon class, wanting to suffer must be catching on. At the end of the day I think everybody got there fill.... Mr Grumke did a awesome job on getting this course race ready. What was in my head, miss not being able to listen to the ipod during races but I do understand why..

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SuperFly is back in action, super light rigid fork = super lite bike. It wants to destroy something hopefully not me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thanks for letting me be your sunshine.. thanks for being a awesome wife...


I recall the time being between 3 and 4 am. On the bike for 15+ hrs other than to grab a quick bite and check the bike over. Lights seem to be good, the trail was covered in a pretty cool mist and I would have to admit the roots from the trees looked almost like snakes. One gear and I had questioned if it was going to be to hard of a gear to push for the 24hrs. Once my mind is set in motion there is no changing anything. It is the way it is. At this point there is no winning are loosing, there is just riding. There is only freedom when you are crushing yourself, there are only more miles.. There is no stopping until its time, when is that time! when you have given everything you had... I miss the 24, I miss the 3am when it seems the world has stopped and you have no idea how you are still moving forward. Then you realize you have to because its your freedom, because in some strange way it will make you a better person, because it is your passion.