Friday, April 27, 2007

interesting ride

tonights ride had a little bit of everything, sun, clouds, little bit of rain, great sunset as i was coming over one of the bigger hill climbs. have to mention the couple of pissed off drivers, but then again there on every ride, its all good though considering i drive rush hour traffic everyday and see the respect people give to there fellow drivers (f--king nut bags)

so anyway the cool thing about riding by yourself, cause i dont live close to anybody that i would like to ride with, is you can try new stuff. tonights fun was seeing how many times i could blow up on the hill climbs and recover to sprint the end, lots of fun! and as always looking for more hills, got in close to 6000ft

tomorrow its off to the big circus, looking for more camper stuff, then to a birthday party.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We built this house a few years ago, we are doing another one very similar, tomorrow we set roof trusses, thats when the fun begins and i will take plenty of pictures. at the present time i am a one man crew since the boss is in the hospital with something! again! wish him well.

tonight was a good ride with the wife and kid along with some fun at the park. tomorrow i am heading out looking for some more hills to add to the route, it would be easier if i could just build a mountain in my back yard.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

200k brevet ride

been wanting to try one of these out for a while its part of a series, here is a link to read about it well i managed to get one of the guys from the team to ride it with me, you can read his blog me and Brenden started at a casual pace, just out for a nice saturday ride, taking up the rear with style, Brenden got a flat. I have finally found somebody that can change a flat as slow as me, so with the time lost we decided to start putting it down, the casual ride became a kinda fun race to see how many people we could catch. Well about 10 miles left we saw the first group up ahead. so nothing like being 115 miles into a ride and deciding to sprint the last little bit. so we finished up with the group and had a great day of riding, thanks again Brenden, your riding strong man!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

your own race!

So i have this idea about a race, 40 miles of road, 40 miles on the mtb with a set amount of elevation gain for the road and then for the mtb. you design your own course based on the set altitude, you preride it as much as you want, on a set date and time the race begins, guess what your the only one on the course. each person races there own course, rules are simple keep the mtb part all single track, keep the road, well of course all road. When you are done you simply compare your times for the winner. Think about this, you could be racing against someone in Texas, Cali, Canada at the same time, you would know there out there at the same time and yet never see them, it would be endless. how much of factor would weather be, it could be hot at one place and cold at another or perhaps raining. Thats what could make this such an interesting race. A true race against yourself on a course that was made for you!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

fun day

Well i had 2 things planned for today, get a big ride in and head to the zoo with the family, big ride went something like this, got rolling about 7am. The temp was reading about 35 degrees so i had to dress nice and warm. with a little bit of a head wind, i pounded out the first 15 miles in a time trial manner as usual, then try to settle in for the hills,the hills were going very well, so i had a few extra hills i wanted to add in on my loop. So i managed to get in 57 miles with a little over 5730 ft of climbing, felt very good.

So with the ride outta the way got home in time for lunch and then off to the zoo, the little guy had a blast!

Friday, April 13, 2007


finally the weekend is here, planning on gettin a little wet tomorrow in prep for a big ride on sunday. going to try to get the pop up ready for syllamos revenge coming up in a few weeks, that is going to be a fun race, nothing like 50 miles of single track at race pace.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

great life

each day begins usually the same, wake up the little guy, hang out and have breakfast, drop him off, go to work, build some cool stuff, come home hang out with the family, get the little guy ready for bed, hit the weights, spin on the bike or actually go for a ride, play on the computer go to bed, repeat!

what a great life...

Sunday, April 8, 2007

ouachita challenge

I didnt really want to do this race again after last year because i didnt like all of the road. BUT thats what makes everything a challenge, so when the race sold out in 24 hrs you bet my name was registered, and thats when i traded in the road bike for the mountain bike on the road.

So the race started something like this,tried to stay up near the front for the warm up to the gravel road, it still amazes me how freaky it is riding in a big group of people, so i couldnt wait for the start of the gravel road because i knew the pace would definitely thin things out a bit, before i knew it we were heading in to the single track i was sitting in about 6 place, very stoked because i was feeling very good, so the rest of the race just kinda flew by, i gave up a few spots to some very fast road guys, got settled in on the womble and started thinking man there is like 190 people that would love to kick my ass and take my spot, so that gave me some good inspiration to step it up a little, other than riding a little sketchy at times, finished with a lot in the tank knowing i could of did more

Saturday, April 7, 2007

good ride today

so today was the first day back on the road bike since the end of november, i was still riding alot of road just on the mountain bike to get ready for the ouachita challenge, with a little bit of head wind the road bike felt awesome, added a few hills to my normal training route, so im up to 4800ft in 50 miles, gotta find more hills!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

when it started

back in november of 2002 i was out for a ride at cliff cave, blue jeans and all! and i ran in to this hardcore mountainbike racer Mark LaRue who couldnt wait to tell me how awesome racing was, so in march of 03 i did my first beginner race. that is what got me hooked and man that is still one of my favorite races i have done and probaly one of the hardest.