Friday, July 31, 2009

24hrs of nine mile.

How many miles does it take to put a smile on your face, how many more to make it dissapear? 24hrs of nine mile seemed to be the perfect race to try and get 200 miles. At least that was one of my goals. The other was to ride the same gear on the SS the whole race. After all some one had said that it would be bad karma to change during the race. Its amazing that a year ago I had no real thoughts about riding a single speed at all. I picked up a rig from John in November and started putting in some serious miles on it. After racing the Single speed at Syllamos revenge just because of the conditions, all I could think of racing was the SS. I finally got enough confidence to race it at St Joe, I didn't know how it would work out in a shorter 3hr endurance race but it all went great. I knew at that point I wanted to do something big. If it wouldn't of been for Granny gear being so expensive for the Solo open class I probably would of raced gears but hey the SS class was about 200 dollars cheaper and I was just looking for a reason to race it again anyway. So me and Mitch arrived at 9 mile forest in good enough time to set up camp get a awesome pre ride in and have dinner and relax for the next days pain fest! I think I slept better than I ever have that night especially in a tent. I was pretty mellow race day morning and wanted to stay that away. Usually I am bouncing off the walls and would rather take that approach just because I enjoy it and also love caffeine but for this race I wanted to save every amount of energy for the race and mostly for the middle of the night laps. The race started off with a Le mans style start, I DON'T LIKE TO RUN!! It went fine other than when I got to the bike racks I couldn't find my bike. Once I found my bike me and Mitch were together ready to shred some single track, red light! We were stopped at the first sign of single track waiting our turn to enter the single track behind at least 100 other racers making me regret that I ever put any effort into the run. So we got into a pretty good flow considering and things were moving along pretty good when I dropped my chain. It didn't take but 30 seconds and I was rolling again but I guess 50 racers had gone by and Mitch was out of sight. Its hard to believe that I never had a chance to ride with Mitch again the rest of the race. Once the first lap was out of the way the trails opened up, for a 14 plus mile loop it was amazing how many racers you were always passing are getting passed by. It seemed I was around the same group of guys the whole race. Being self supported got tiring going into the night my brain didn't want to think anymore. Trying to remember how much battery life was left for my lights, eating food remembering to get new bottles and putting that stuff on the chain, that one didn't happen very often! I didn't even bother to change clothes just put on a jacket at night. The night is always good everything changes the course seems different laps come and go and if your me what your really thinking is how can I get a pizza delivered here, pizza hut pan supreme would do the trick! man just sit there right along the trail and stuff your face. Anyway no such luck, I stuck with nutty butters, kids cliff bars a banana Mitch's famous can chicken noodle soup. If he didn't cook it I would just eat it out of the can cold, actually I think what was left in the pot was pretty cold. So anyway the night was going pretty quick and I had finally figured out were I was as far as placing. The scorekeeper had said I was in 4Th SS and the 3 guys ahead of me were not looking as fresh as me which was a good feeling. I was pretty dead set at this point to keep doing what I had for the whole race up to now, just to keep the peddles turning. At some point I had passed Mark it seemed like we must of passed each other a dozen times through the 24hrs. At the time Mark was sitting in third but I had no real idea how far first and second were up and didn't really want to know. I was already pretty stoked that I was going to get well over 200 miles in and that was my goal. The last 3 laps went by pretty fast. I finished up at 23hrs 50 minutes I had time to do another lap and if Mitch would of wanted to I would of done it, my knee was hurting pretty bad so I was pretty stoked when we decided to be done. I think the hardest part out of everything had nothing to do with the race it was trying to get our pit broke down, imagine not having any hand strength and not being able to bend over. It was weird I was fine when I was riding but once the race was over everything just kind of quit working, trying to palm my tent into the bag just had to be funny to watch. Me and Mitch stuck around for the awards and then headed out. I couldn't tell you how long of a drive it was other than I didn't get home until about 1am Monday morning. Still made it to work by 8am. Learned a lot at this one and other than a few small things everything went pretty great.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love cake!

My wife made a cake for one of her friends at work and I got her to make me a little cake. I used all of the left over icing for my cake, man I love cake and what would cake be without a lot of icing.

Would of loved to of got my hands on this one, great job on the cake sweetie!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The south loop.

I finally got to do the South loop that Jim and Dave have been talking about for a couple of years. Its normally a during the week ride, on the weekends we do the big ride which uses part of this route but takes us all the way down to Valles Mines and over to Washington state park. Dave has set up most all of the loops down here and the one thing I like about that is he never leaves out the big climbs, found a new favorite hill. We did that ride on Thursday didn't do much this weekend the big 24 is coming up. Getting to ride at 2 am listening to Pink Floyd unable to feel my hands its going to be awesome!!! Garmin link for the South loop.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sac river race.

Pain and suffering is two words that seek attention to detail. In this case it was the last 3 miles of the race. When your in a race and you been by yourself for a while it doesn't matter what place your in you always think somebody is going to catch you, at least I do. Ghost racers have been chasing me as long as I have been racing, you know what I mean. The start of the race went good, got a good lead into the single track and just tried to stay smooth. This course was tight and twisty with some rocky rooty sections and lots of thorns. There were not to many good places to hammer unless you wanted to burn yourself for later. I pushed it pretty good on the first lap to get a solid lead and then settled into a good pace for the next three laps. Getting to the end of the 4th lap the cross country leaders came through. Jumping on there wheel was fun until I jammed up my chain. Chris came by chasing them down and I went after him for a little fun. I lost sight of Chris once we hit the single track going into my last lap. I was holding a faster pace on this lap then the 3 previous and having a good time. I guess about half way through the last lap a racer came up on me pretty quick and for some reason I was thinking he was in my class. I should of known better heck he came up on me quicker than the leaders of the cross country race. So when he wanted by I let him and jumped on his wheel for a bit then attacked him. It wasn't long and I was feeling pretty blown so I let him by. I was still pretty convinced that he was in my class so I kept on his wheel the best I could. I am still not sure how either one of us didn't flat and am pretty stoked at this guys riding ability. Long of the short he wasn't in my class and had peddle issues at the start of his race and was just making up lost time. Thanks for the ride Aaron hope I didn't interfere with your race. So for me the last 3 miles was a race within a race, I was almost a minute faster on my last lap than my first! Kept the HR above 180 for the last 3 are so miles. Pretty stoked that I could go that hard at the end of a 3hr race. Thanks to all the people that made this race happen, great course, good food and lots of shwag.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Berryman Pre BT Epic ride.

I love big rides and I am loving the SS. So it only made since to want to do a 24hr on the SS. Saturday's ride was some training for that. I did a little pre ride of Berryman then the plan was to meet up with Mitch, Greg, Todd and John at the Bass river resort. Which is the start of the BT epic race. The pre ride of Berryman went great other than a flat and a lot of cobwebs, I had spiders crawling around in my helmet when i got done, cool stuff! Made it over to Bass river resort in about perfect timing. Everybody was pretty much ready to go. I remembered a lot more of the race course than I thought I would and the trail seemed to be in really good shape. Only real issue was the heat which was about 95 plus degrees. Lucky for us there is some creek crossings to cool off in. We ran into the trail monster crew making the trail that much more enjoyable for us. It was hot riding the bikes I couldn't imagine hiking, pretty hardcore stuff. We ended up doing about 38 miles of the course, we left out the Ozark trail section down towards Hazel creek. Awesome ride guys!