Sunday, January 6, 2008

another year

last weekend did a double chubb on Saturday, enjoyed the ride with Bob its not often I get a chance to ride with the DRJ guys. Sunday was the big loop from the house, there is so many options for this ride, I think by late spring we will have the super loop planned out just need more daylight for it. There has to be a point when your legs say it is enough. I will find it, and then do more!

What a way to start the new year, Wed. and Thurs. worked out in the cold all day, I guess I got sick from it cause Saturday I think half of my brains came out of my nose. But with the temps going to hit 70 for Sunday I didn't want to miss the big ride. good thing is as much as my legs felt like jelly for the first 15 miles to the meeting spot for Dave. Jim had mentioned that we were averaging 18+ guess that's why the legs felt like jelly! So once we meet Dave the ride is usually toned down a bit, okay not really. But the fun doesn't start until we get to the park. there is a pretty good climb in the park then we drop down to cross this old bridge. At 58 miles in, the hill in the background is the perfect spot to attack on. Jim usually gets it rolling and I do what I can to hang on. Some very hard efforts from here to De Soto that are sure to make you hurt. Other than the stomach still felling a little weird by the end of the ride the rest of me felt great. Cure for the common cold, drink lots of caffeine and go do a 100 miles. and to end a almost perfect weekend played in the sandbox with Lucas and BBQ up some stuff, in a tee shirt, in January that will probably never happen again......