Monday, January 26, 2009

Berryman to Council bluff and back.

As part of the building process for wanting to do the Ozark trail from the North past Berryman down to probably the end of middle fork and back. This was a section I have been wanting to try for a while. I rode the single speed again for this one decked out with my own custom bar mitts ( a must for below freezing weather) fully wind and waterproof with a fleece lining, I don't know how I ever rode in the winter without them! Knowing that I would be 25 to 30 miles out I brought the big camelback loaded with enough stuff to last a couple of days just in case things went really bad. I started off at 6am with the lights, I am hooked on that and would really love to get out earlier but the hour drive makes it tough. Anyway the ride went great it ended up being about 27.5 to the CB connector instead of the 25.5 I thought. I was hoping to do the CB loop but I had a flat on the way down that cost me a little bit of time, frozen ice covered stem from the big creek crossing, very cool stuff! Most of the small ones I hiked a bike just because you couldn't tell if they were froze solid enough to ride across and I didn't really want to take any chances. Anyway if I would of added in Council bluff it would of been another 13 miles that I didn't have time for. I was planning on 62 for the day and still got in 55 so that was cool. I wished I would of had a easier gear on the SS I ended up hiking up a lot of hills. Kind of a mix of a lot of leaves being on the trails and having the heavy backpack on that slowed me down a bit. The good thing is the backpack felt great the whole time and I pretty much had in it everything I will use for doing the big Ozark trail ride. I had my camera but the batteries died so I missed out on some pretty killer pictures so you will have to take my word on how good of a ride this is. Here is the Garmin Link. Also BIG thanks to these guys for making my riding experience on this trail that much better.

The Rig set up for the big winter ride.

Monday, January 12, 2009


5am on a Sunday morning most people are sleeping or wish they were sleeping. I slide out of bed leaving my wife and son who joins us so often in the middle of the night there sleeping so peacefully, that is the only thing that makes getting up hard but the trail is calling my name as it does so often. The drive to Berryman usually takes about a solid hour and having everything ready the night before makes getting started that much easier. I only needed the lights for about 1/2 hour but that was still fun, next time I would like to get a triple in with one lap in the dark I think that would be a blast. So anyway the single speed is still the #1 choice for the MTB and I have to admit I didn't think I would love it this much! The trail was amazing with the fool moon shining thru the trees and my lights reflecting the ice off of the leaves. The trail was a little slick in spots but stayed pretty solid until about the last half of the second lap when it started thawing out. Added in a few more miles to get a solid 50 for the day. The legs felt great the whole ride hope this is a sign of good things to come. First loop, Second loop. Made it home in time for a late lunch and a nice walk with the family. what a perfect day.

Saturday Lucas had his first swim class without me or Bettina being in the water with him, I have to admit I was kind of worried how he would do without us but he did awesome. Bettina put some pics on her site.

Friday, January 2, 2009


So I finished up the last mtb ride of 08 taking a little swim in a creek in 30 degree weather, that wasn't to bad it was the stomach flue that had kicked in full force on the drive down that was making me think twice about riding at all. But hey once your there you got to at least try. Lucky for me I wasn't that for in so the ride back to the car wasn't that bad. The last time I can remember having to cut a ride that short was maybe two years ago when I got caught out on a road ride in 30 degree weather in a downpour, that sucked a whole lot worse! So what will 09 bring, hopefully some beat yourself down to nothing death marches with Jim. A 200 mile monster ride with Mitch, you know the ride I am talking about! 5 counties with another 30 miles of hills added in for fun!! It has to be done. And after doing the Breck 100, My own personal two ways to Hell ride, and the 24 along with all the other stuff on the MTB last year it might be kind of hard to beat, but I already have some good ideas.

Last year was pretty incredible with Lucas, I can only imagine what this year will bring. enjoy the video it was a ton of fun to make.