Sunday, April 27, 2008


6 months ago John at Cyclewerx told me about the Gary Fisher superfly, A week ago I went down to his shop to pick it up. I usually have all the patience in the world and waiting for this bike to come in wasn't a big deal, but the muddy trails have been bumming me out. Chubb would of been my first choice as always for this bike or any. but unless a miracle has happened lately I am sure most of the bottoms or still trashed. So Castlewood is always a good choice, met up with Mitch and Tom and a little later Ralph and his gang. This was a perfect first ride for this bike. This thing handles freaky fast and makes me feel like I am climbing on my road bike. BIG thanks again to Cyclewerx for making it easy to get a bike that seems very hard to get.

Me and Lucas have been working on his playground set and a new patio and some fun other stuff for the last couple of weeks. Lucas trying out the new swing...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Usual ride

Just another big ride, one that I felt like I could of rode forever. Sometimes it is good to enjoy the surroundings within your own mind by yourself. Something different about suffering alone. The pure pleasure of heaven and hell enjoyed by my own obsession, why is it that we limit ourselves to this very freedom. If you could do 2 miles then why would you only do 1, unfortunately time is my own enemy. I think the elevation is off some, had a flat 2 miles from the house kind of sucked but cant complain only the second one since Oct. of last year. This is a very beautiful loop. thinking of adding in the Covered bridge ride with it soon. Then perhaps the super loop!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

great day

Took a few days off after the race on Saturday. Which is what I normally do after a race, but this time it was tough. Landahl is such a blast to ride and my brain has been buzzing every since. But I stuck to my routine, last night got back on the spin bike to get ready for this evenings ride. This ride worked out good made it home from work at a decent time and road with the wife and kido to the park. While they stayed and played on the swings I headed out to meet Jim. Congrats to Jim on finishing second place at the Hillsboro road race on Saturday. We headed out to the basic loop, kept the pace high and the legs felt 100% recovered. Man I love riding my bike! But what I love more than that is the smile on my family's face when i get home...