Sunday, November 30, 2008


I couldn't resist building Lucas his first skateboard ramp, brings back a lot of memories when I was young. The hard part was trying to keep him from bomb dropping off of the 4' stepladder.

With me and Jim there is hard and harder and since nobody else was going on the big ride (aka the Washington state park ride, the Dave Pratt ride) with us I knew it was going to be a fast one. It has been a long time since its just been the two of us on this ride. We made it out to the park in under 3hrs and that is 58 miles in. We have never done that before. My fastest solo effort on this course was 4 53 and Jim's was about 40 seconds faster and that was last spring in pretty much perfect conditions. So we finished up the ride at 4 48 and pretty much stomped or best time together, I don't think we had ever been under 5hrs. Still cant believe how good I felt especially after doing the West County Trifecta ride on Wednesday with Mitch and Jeremy. We did Chubb, Greensfelder and Castlewood all by Mountain bike from Mitch's house, very fun ride. I guess it was all of the turkey I ate on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun with the family, we went out to my parents house and as everybody does we ate way to much but you just got to do that sometimes.

Monday, November 24, 2008

really good short film.

For some its only about the ride! Check it out. This is Dave's blog.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Winter suffering.

Two rides added to one post. The first ride was the usual Wed. night ride. Back to using lights again which was cool, the L and M worked perfect on the bars for the road. Me and Jim do what we always do and hammer each other to no end. We did call it truths at close to the top of Rice rd. That was a good thing considering I was pretty much chewing on my heart. Jim was mentioning that Mr Pratt was getting some lights, very nice. I have a great feeling the winter night rides or going to get real tough!

After a few weeks of Mountain biking on the weekends the Sunday ride was back on. A little over a year ago Jim introduced this ride to me, and Dave Pratt introduced it to him. This ride has a pretty good amount of climbing, some really good fast sections, steep climbs, long climbs pretty much everything you can think of which is what makes this ride so special and O yeah the scenery is great also. Dave did a heck of a job putting this route together and I cant wait to suffer through another winter with these guys. Today's ride was no exception Jim invited Steve Frierdich down to ride with us, One thing is for sure he loves suffering as much as us and that is a good thing. Today's ride already topped last winters best and that was with a pretty good head wind. I wish I had the stats off of the garmin for this ride but I had a few problems with the garmin so hopefully I will have it fixed by the next ride..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Middle Fork

So Me Mitch Greg and Jim decided to do the Middle Fork section of the Ozark Trail today. I think the biggest thing we didn't expect was the 30 degree start, no big deal I got the feeling back in my hands within a couple of hours. We were not out to hammer each other but to just get in a nice late fall ride. And other than a couple of crashes and one really big crash that Mitch got on video with his new helmet cam, the ride went great. We had to turn back about 4 miles from the end because of a pretty deep creek crossing, which wasn't worth getting or feet wet then having to cross it again on the way back. I am pretty stoked on this trail and could only imagine how fast it would be without all of the leaves. Mitch should have some pretty killer footage of the trail, I will post a link when he gets it edited..
stats for the ride.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Lucas in his custom made Halloween costume. I am not sure but I think he was going to try and scalp me!
This Halloween was pretty awesome. We went to Jim's house for a party and took Lucas around his neighborhood to go trick or treating. Lucas was pretty much wind sprinting from house to house, he definitely had a blast.. good times!