Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thou wilt show me the path of life: In thy presence is fullness of joy;
In thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. Got to love Psalms! So fitting for today, close to a 100 miles on the road with the MO master, added some extra hills for fun, only
the 90 degree heat slowed us down, okay not really ; ) then a great day with the family finally getting the yard back into shape, actually my wife has been busting her butt to get it back into shape, did some killer BBQ, caught a lizard for Lucas, he has been wanting a pet so bad, dont worry we let it go, that was tough for him, soon a puppy dog. good times!!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Team Noah Foundation

Thanks to John Merli of Dogfish for designing these bike jerseys to help raise money for the Noah Foundation, we have some special things we are planning to do, if you knew you only had a short time with your child you would want to spend every second with them, what if you couldnt, you should be able to, stress free from the outside world knowing that when you have to go back you still have everything you worked so hard for. we want to help those families get that special time with there beautiful little child.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pushing Buttons to Heaven.

The animals were kind of a give away that it was a place for kids and in a special way it made since. I could wonder if we were supposed to feel special getting a name tag to visit and I
sometimes wonder how many times I have been in each of the four elevators
feeling lucky they all went to the seventh floor. My mind was never focused on
one thing other than my son and what his world was filled with today so many
days ago. My mind does get lost in that time and what I wouldn't do sometimes to
go back but back doesn't exist anymore. The elevators lead to a very special
place filled with beauty if you could get past the deep since of pain that was
put on you upon entering. the same hallway for weeks lead me to him, it was
easy to greet everyone with a smile along the way, there was something special
about this place beyond the machines etc. that seemed to captivate me. So easily
a world I never thought I would be a part of and up to this point I never truly
understood! if suffering earns us points to Heaven then it would be easy to
understand why so many of them make it there much to quickly, it will take me a
lifetime to feel what he felt for most every second of his little life and I do
like to suffer. Simply how is he today was always the question and what you
wanted to really hear was he is ready to go home are anything even remotely close
to having a chance to go home, though now I understand he was always preparing
to go home just a different kind of home any parent would have a hard time
understanding. thinking back it was easy to see within his eyes so many times we
stared deeply at each other. I learned a great deal about him at those precious
times, the touch of his little fingers next to mine, the feel of his cute little
ears the shape of his face when I would put my hand over his forehead to shade
his eyes from the light. Memories for ever! In my mind he will always be that
sweet little boy though I wonder a great deal that special day when he greets me
at Heavens door if he will still be my sweet little baby Noah, so easily to
wonder if he will remember my touch, I do reach for him kissing whispers of love
to his sweet spirit, does heaven except those? can he still feel me thinking of
him. The last time he looked into my eyes before his big surgery as they were
putting him under was in its own way that something special I needed to feel the
way I do. I think his time was that day but I couldn't let him go yet and never
really feel like we had him back after the surgery, there was that one special
time when they woke him up and his eyes glazed open a bit with a since of
hope that he was still in there but in reality he was waiting for us to let him
go. knowing that special day it was easy to see why it had to be that day, that
time, in our arms, in that room with a beautiful storm to take him to heaven
knowing on his journey he passed through the beautiful garden, he knew how much
I wanted to take him there. The elevators at Children's Hospital do go all the
way to Heaven luckily for us it stopped at one very special floor so we could
have our special time with him and in a way that was like Heaven.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Noah's Memorial ride and auction A lot of very special people put a ton of time in putting this together for our beautiful little Angel Noah. we love and miss him so much...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Noah's Syllamo ride

Somethings are more special than words can write. thanks Chris for taking him on your journey!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good night song for Noah.

upon my hand a sweet kiss filled with a wish gently blown to the sky, shall it find you I will pray, that tomorrow for you will be a less painful day.. sweetest of dreams Noah...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tour of Herman....

This will be one race weekend I will do every year if possible. The time trial was a ton of fun, never thought I could average over 24 mph on a some what hilly time trial course. Finally got a top ten finish in a crit, didn't think that would ever happen, especially finishing third. The road race was crazy. Not sure how else to put it. If we wouldn't of had such a head wind on the way out I think I would of tried to go right from the start, pretty sure a few other key people would of went to. The first lap was pretty mellow, going into the second lap we had to do the wall climb. Super fun climb, not much different then a MTB climb. A few guys went off the front before we got to the feed so going into the climb I made quick work to catch up with them, I think there was either one guy still ahead or maybe he came by going into the second riser, either way once I got to the top I sat up and waited for what was left of the pack, personal reasons for what happen with the crit, I do my best to keep my word.. The second lap got pretty tough, I ended up getting super dehydrated, still trying to get used to riding at a group pace so that made it harder. The last climb got me good, still ended up in 13th, best place I have gotten in a road race. 7th overall for the weekend. pretty stoked.. I think the road racing is paying off, finally got from the road to the very top of Lone Wolf climb in under 3 minutes on the MTB.. still had a little more to offer, save it for the next time, good stuff.