Sunday, December 23, 2007

good times

Its hard to believe this little guy is going to be 3 in march already!

But anyway have not written much because my laptop crashed and the other computer sucks, but with all the great deals going on I finally found a new laptop. So since my last post I met a new friend who likes to do a lot of miles as much if not more than myself and of course throw in a lot of hill climbs. That guy would be Jim Van Deven (sp) He has been around for a while and lives down the street from me, and does not have a problem kicking my ass on a regular basis truly good times though! So in the last 2 1/2 months I have done 7 centuries and a good number of 40 mile night time rides, add in the spin bike and I already have more miles at this point then I did all of last winter. For some reason this year is different it seems the worst the condition the more I want to ride in it, although today's ride hurt.

Riding wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for a great family life and a ton of support from my two favorite people who are always waiting patiently for me to finish my ride. you 2 or the best!


Davey B said...

Merry Christmas D-wayne!

You, my friend, are crazy!

Robert T. Metz said...

Dude you are sick let me know know if you are planning any centuries

Dwayne G said...

Merry Christmas Dave, hope you had a good one. Robert every sunday we do the big loop from my house, nothing fast just a lot of climbing.