Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lost Valley race, All I wanted to do at this race was go as hard as I could for as long as I could. All the big rides I did all winter and there was a lot of them, I kept the average heart rate below 135. So now the race season is here it was time to see if all the training was worth it. I had no problem pushing the average up to 164 for 3 hrs 15 minutes. At the beginning of the year I was thinking about racing cross country again but man I just love the long races. Endurance more than anything is about finishing and In a 3hr race so many things can go wrong, go out to hard, not hard enough, flat tear a side wall and have to run the rest of the race, don't eat enough, cramps you name it it can happen and probably will at some point I guess. put those things out of your head and your asking for trouble think about them to much and your go crazy. Sometimes I do a little of both bust mostly I just spin the peddles at a pace I think I can hold for the time needed. This race went perfect for myself and having the garmin made it really cool averaged over 14mph. and felt so much stronger than last year at this time. Hopefully things will stay dry for the 6hr next weekend if not probably do council bluff race or maybe both who knows!!

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Davey B said...

It's amazing how much a good base is a springboard to going really fast! When I started doing CX last season all it took was a couple weeks of intensity before the short wicked fast races felt easy... I can't wait until these Expert races start to feel a little bit easier :)

Maybe another month or two... I'm still building my base and just started to add some LT stuff...

Nice job dude!