Sunday, June 1, 2008

Matson Race

This was one of those races that you do because you love riding. Last year I did 10 laps and was wanting to beat my time, but with the rain yesterday that was not going to happen. So the game plan was just ride smart no flats or crashes and keep a good pace . I still managed to get 9 laps in 3hrs and 6 min. average hrt rate for the race 155. total elevation gain was a little over 4000ft. I pretty much rode all of the climbs in granny seated because if I stood I would just spin out. A few of the sections became hike a bike, but all in all most of the course was ridable. Finished up with no flats or crashes and the legs feeling better than they do on most training rides.

thanks again to all the guys that take the time to put on the race, prep the course, deal with the rain, etc. etc. you guys rock!


zbrace said...

nice work man.....9 laps in that bog is crazy!
what tires did you roll?

Dwayne G said...

nice job to you as well Zach, I had a tubeless bontrager on front and a python on back. I am still not sure about the python.

Ralph Pfremmer said...

Dwayne, contact me at 314-496-2317. I wanted to get out and ride with you and Mitch. Don't have your number.