Thursday, August 7, 2008

another Wednesday...

Finally getting back into the Wednesday night rides with Mr Jim Vandeven and crew. Last nights ride was mellow compared to last week. Last week I hit a all time high 190 on the heart monitor. We hammered the first 15 miles as usual to the covered bridge to meet up with Dave and Ron. Past that its right back up Old Lemay then up Wedde rd down and back up Old Lemay going back to Covered bridge and then out past hwy A for some more hills. usually once me and Jim top out over a climb we will back off and wait for Ron and Dave, It seemed like every time they would catch up they would attack, so game on! This pretty much went on all night, me and Jim attacked each other on every climb all the way home, pretty much towards the end it was all Jim though even on the last climb up to my house. Anyway back to last night, last night was pretty easy for the most part. Jim was going easy to get ready for the race this weekend. Jim actually take a day off never happen, but he did behave and not pull any crazy attacks. For myself having a little bit of fun attacking the crap out of Ron on Wedde rd from pretty much the bottom. Had to be the fastest I have ever climbed that road and actually felt great doing it! The ride was pretty much just a average pace ride for the 3hrs we were out. The rest of the next week will be getting ready for some races coming up, not totally sure what I am going to do but hopefully its got a lot of miles involved!!!!

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