Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greensfelder race.

This race went great. Last year I did 12 laps in 3hrs and had enough time to do another but with the rain set in I chose not to. This year the goal was to do 13. Brad and Zach were there and ready to race and I knew these guys were going to be tough. My strategy in a race is always to try and set a good pace and stay consistent. In this race that kind of went out the window off of the start line. Took the hrt rate to about 175 and kept it there for probably the whole first lap. The warm up lap helped big time, all of my lines were pretty dialed in and everything felt great. The first lap I got a little bit of a lead but not as much as I wanted so I went out on the second lap with the same effort as the first. This is never a good idea in a endurance race and I figured i would pay for it later. Later never really came and I ended up just having enough time to do 13 laps. Brad and Zach were never that far behind I dont think they missed the cut off time by much, great race guys.. Cant complain when a race goes this good. It was awesome having my Father in law and the rest of the family there cheering me on on every lap thanks big guys!!. stats from the race.


Craig said...
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Craig said...

Great race (as usual for you) Dwayne.

In case you were wondering, when you passed the Start/Finish for the last lap, Bill (USCF) shouted out "2:59:45! You can keep going or stop and wait"

Of course, we all knew you'd keep going for lucky 13! ;-)

PS: thanks for sharing your Garmin info. I'm amazed how long you keep your HR in Zone 5 - we need to talk. Also, you need to turn on the auto lap feature so you get lap splits, etc. It can be set to do it by position, even when the start is not the same as the start/finish like at Greensfelder.