Friday, January 2, 2009


So I finished up the last mtb ride of 08 taking a little swim in a creek in 30 degree weather, that wasn't to bad it was the stomach flue that had kicked in full force on the drive down that was making me think twice about riding at all. But hey once your there you got to at least try. Lucky for me I wasn't that for in so the ride back to the car wasn't that bad. The last time I can remember having to cut a ride that short was maybe two years ago when I got caught out on a road ride in 30 degree weather in a downpour, that sucked a whole lot worse! So what will 09 bring, hopefully some beat yourself down to nothing death marches with Jim. A 200 mile monster ride with Mitch, you know the ride I am talking about! 5 counties with another 30 miles of hills added in for fun!! It has to be done. And after doing the Breck 100, My own personal two ways to Hell ride, and the 24 along with all the other stuff on the MTB last year it might be kind of hard to beat, but I already have some good ideas.

Last year was pretty incredible with Lucas, I can only imagine what this year will bring. enjoy the video it was a ton of fun to make.

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BLM said...

In about 10 years, Lucas is going to want to kill you for that video. Just so you know..