Sunday, April 12, 2009

Big ride Saturday

Jim had it planned out a couple of weeks ago to do a big road ride from his house. His brother was coming in from Chicago with some of the guys from his old team. Its a amazing story with his brother. Last December he got hit by a car and was in a induced coma for about 4 days with a pretty bad head injury and in the hospital for I think a couple of weeks. All turned out well and its amazing he is already riding strong again. Okay so here is the bummer, last week Jim broke his collar bone at the Tilles park crit. He has been looking forward to riding with his brother since the accident and has been riding stronger than ever. So with Jim out he asked me to take the guys out on our normal route. I invited Mitch down to ride with us and he brought Jeremy and Greg. Mr Pratt the master designer of this route and Ron hooked up with us at the Falls. (usual meeting spot for those guys) We started off pretty fast, which is just how Jim usually does it. We hammered it pretty good to the falls, about 15 miles in. We hooked up with Dave and Ron and kept the pace rolling. We got to Washington state park which is at about 56 miles in pretty decent time. There is a gas station just outside the park for water and of course some Monster! There is two big climbs out of the park and this cool bridge that you have to cross to get to the second big climb.
Usually after these two big climbs everybody is starting to hurt a little. We still kept the pace rolling all the way to De Soto heck I don't think we slowed up much until we got to Strupp rd. a pretty beast of a climb. The funny thing was one of the guys was questioning whether are not Greg would make it through the whole ride. Greg was the one biting at my heels on a couple of the last big climbs coming home. Greg you are doing a 24 with us this year! So the ride went great, Steve rode strong considering everything he has been through since December. I still cant believe he is riding. The ride went perfect, no flats and everybody rode super strong. great day of riding!


Casey Ryback said...

Man, that sounds like a great ride - I'm jealous!

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

You guys will have to come down and ride with us. nice roads little traffic a few meth labs along the way. the usual stuff! Probably be doing it again a week from this weekend.

CockPuncher said...

Hey Dwayne-
Want to talk to you about some construction work but don't have your email address. Would you mind dropping me an email (There's a link on the Team Seagal blog)?