Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Whats up.

After the CW race it was re build time. Decided to work the Spanish lake race which was awesome, first time I ever worked a race. With the way the Midwest fattire series works it is kind of a must if your going to try and do all of the races and felt it would be selfish not to. It was awesome watching everybody suffer, made me really miss racing. It was a good experience to see the race from a promoters point of view and a heck of a lot of fun to help out, cant wait to do it again some time. Since then I have been putting some good miles back on the bike to get ready for the rest of the season. This last weekends big ride went great. Jim got some of his friends to come down and I knew this one was going to hurt. Jim was already talking world record before we ever really got rolling. I missed the last time they had a good group and that time they did the ride in 4 25 are something with 8 guys. Today it would be faster. Although myself I dropped off with about 5 miles to go and was stoked to of lasted that long. Felt super good. Jim said they made it back in 4hrs and 20 minutes. I ended up only about 3 minutes back, thought it would of been a lot more. This hurt way more than the solo effort I did back in May. A lot of really good things going on right now, will be posting up some good stuff in the near future.

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