Saturday, November 21, 2009

Monster and the Ozark trail.

Me and John's conversation on building and biking. John makes me laugh!


cploch said...

killer and awesome

Craig said...

Oh man, that was good.

It was made all the better because just yesterday, John's car was at the MF trailhead when we got there.

We just missed his group leaving but we overheard other riders talking about these crazy guys on SS who had just done the MF out and back, then headed over to do laps at CB.


Team Trail Monster said...

LOL...if only Dos Primos were featured.

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

Hey Craig it was just me and John out at MF, sorry we missed you guys. John broke his fork and we ran out of monster before we got in the laps we wanted at CB. Cant beleive how many people were riding MF yesterday, perfect day for it.

Todd Holtmann said...

That is absolutely hilarious!!
I think I'm going to watch it again.