Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Its been a special couple of weeks, Double B in under 5hrs on the SS with a 130 avg hrt rate and then a pretty fast 12 mile time trial. Over the last couple of years its been the same 12 miles. it finishes off at the top of Rice rd. I have always wondered why we would do solo time trials to the top of Rice rd I am still not sure other than we want to suffer really bad. Nothing special about the day, I wasn't even on my own bike. When I got to the first hill and never shifted out of the big, big I new it was going to be a good one. Shy of 24 coming off of hwy Z I had a slight headwind crushing my dreams. 15 seconds is all I needed, pretty stoked I didn't black out and end up in a ditch going up Rice, you better believe I was smiling when I got to the top, that's freedom! maybe next time. 11.95 miles, 900ft of elevation gain 21.3 avg 33 min 13 seconds. When you are alone you have no choice but to make pain your friend, it is and will always be your true friend. Something I thought about after reading Mr Puncher's comment.

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CockPuncher said...

Hi Dwayne-

Glad you liked the quote, brother. Also glad to hear life is treating you well. You are, as usual, an inspiration.