Sunday, September 19, 2010

When I was a kid my mom said I was to obsessive when I would get in to something. I guess not much has changed even after all these years. The business got super busy over the last 5 months. I would have to admit that riding is usually the only thing that really frees my brain, but for a time it was 100% work 100% of the time. kind of the obsessive thing from when I was young I guess. Love building houses and honestly pretty much anything and always had. When I was in to other things, skateboarding, hockey etc. When I was done with it I was done period. Don't know why. Biking is different and I stopped for a different reason then just being done.
Its funny, I took about 7 weeks off and managed to drop 8 pounds, with working so much I started eating a lot better, 12 to 14hr days everyday was like a everlasting endurance race. Other than one other little reason as fate would have it for being off of the bike it all made since. Especially since my biggest saying when it comes to business is that if you don't take care of your business it wont take care of you, and that came from years of working for somebody else, it only became that much more with my own. Business is doing well and there will be a lot of changes with that and a whole lot of other things in the next year. Finally picked up the bike again a few weeks ago, did a few laps at Council bluff, first time on the mtb since Lumberjack 100 which by the way was awesome, so awesome that we prerode the whole course the night before! A couple of good weeks of road riding and I finally got back out to do the big ride, 92 miles and its always been a sufferfest with me and Jim, and that's when I was riding it all of the time. I wasn't sure when I left this morning how I would feel especially riding it with Jim and Mike. I think I was enjoying the ride so much that by the time I really thought about it the ride was over, wish they could all feel like that. good times.

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