Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tour of Herman....

This will be one race weekend I will do every year if possible. The time trial was a ton of fun, never thought I could average over 24 mph on a some what hilly time trial course. Finally got a top ten finish in a crit, didn't think that would ever happen, especially finishing third. The road race was crazy. Not sure how else to put it. If we wouldn't of had such a head wind on the way out I think I would of tried to go right from the start, pretty sure a few other key people would of went to. The first lap was pretty mellow, going into the second lap we had to do the wall climb. Super fun climb, not much different then a MTB climb. A few guys went off the front before we got to the feed so going into the climb I made quick work to catch up with them, I think there was either one guy still ahead or maybe he came by going into the second riser, either way once I got to the top I sat up and waited for what was left of the pack, personal reasons for what happen with the crit, I do my best to keep my word.. The second lap got pretty tough, I ended up getting super dehydrated, still trying to get used to riding at a group pace so that made it harder. The last climb got me good, still ended up in 13th, best place I have gotten in a road race. 7th overall for the weekend. pretty stoked.. I think the road racing is paying off, finally got from the road to the very top of Lone Wolf climb in under 3 minutes on the MTB.. still had a little more to offer, save it for the next time, good stuff.

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