Sunday, May 13, 2007

fun at CW

2 things i dont like. racing back to back weekends, and working on a roof all week before a race. well i had both of these to deal with before this race plus trying to get some time out at castlewood to help the team get the course ready and try to get a little pre ride in. so friday came and it looked like it could rain at anytime, time being 7am. so i do the usual routine get all the tools out and start building some stuff. The good and the bad, the good being it started raining and now i get to have an easy day inside (perfect pre race day) the bad is its raining. back to the good, it quit before i got to the park. so easy day at work, helped a little with some of the course and then got a good pre ride in.
every race i have to have some idea of what i want to do, this one was easy go as hard as i can for the first and maybe second lap then maintain a good pace. This race brought some serious fast racers in the endurance field, when you line up next to guys like Chris Ploch, Dave Breslin, AnthonyDust and a guy that gets my total respect Kurt Fletcher you know its gonna be fun.
The race started as planned, chris jumped out in front and led us through the maze of sport racers on the first climb (sorry for any contact, cutting off, or anything else i might have done to interfere with the sport racers) so the first lap came and went, chris put a good 40 seconds on me and i had no idea were everybody else was. when i got to the top of grotpeter climb i was just far enough back from chris to hear him yell, i cant believe i got another flat, there has to be some sort of record for that kind of thing! well i figure now is a good time to get in a good pace. things were going good but i could see kurt making up some good time on me, so i thought the wicked downhill would be a good spot to make up some time, wrong the guy was with me the whole way down. so i knew it wouldnt be long before he went by to do his own thing, and that he did. all i could do was maintain a pace i thought i could handle the whole race. The next couple of laps came and went felt good, so im heading into what i figured would be the last lap and somebody tells me kurt is only 40 seconds up. you get to this and you have to ask should i go for it and take a chance of blowing up, cramps you get the picture. or just maintain a pace and finish in a good position feeling strong.... not this time i gotta go for it. i rode as hard as possible looking for kurt around every corner, almost gave up until i saw him on the last climb. brings back memories when i got to this point last year at the cw state race, i saw brian shoemaker (sp) just getting to the top and thinking man i wish i would of rode harder. i think he finished about 40 seconds ahead of me and won state in our age group. anyway seeing kurt got me all kinds of pumped up, i dont think i have every rode that hard in my life, when i passed him he had slipped, so i kept looking back to see if he was on my wheel and then ran into a tree, on a climb, stupid. i was having trouble trying to stay focused my heart rate was jacked at about 185 and all i wanted to do was get to the finish. when i look back on it, kurt was the strongest just came up a little short and i was just lucky to stay focused long enough to make it to the finish.
That one hurt bad in a very good kinda way!

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