Tuesday, May 1, 2007


looking to get a mountain bike ride in before the big http://www.syllamosrevenge.com/ race this weekend, chubb is always the first thing that comes to mind. well my goal was to beat the rain before it came, no such luck considering it was raining most of the drive there, but man i needed a ride bad. the good thing was the major downpours waited till i was on my way back from the west tyson side. i have always had a goal for chubb from back when they used to do the time trial. rain, lots of very slick rock, little bit of mud, these are the things that kept me within seconds of reaching that goal. but of course those things or just excuses so as a mtb racer i think i will always be asking myself were can i pick up that one more second!

work was awesome today got a lot of the upstairs ready to start putting the plywood on the roof, got to do a little field framing over one of the bays also, should look pretty cool when its done considering it has 12 ft walls on that section.

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