Friday, June 22, 2007

chubb x 2

Well its been a while since Ive been out to chubb and was wanting to see if i was fully recovered from last weekends race. When i was getting everything ready to role supa fast single speeder Jim Krewet showed up so we decided to ride a lap together, great pace, something about only having one gear and having to maintain a certain speed on climbs kept the pace at a nice level. with a whole lot of bs-n we still knocked down the first lap pretty fast great ride'n with ya Jim.

Went out on the second lap by myself, was feeling great hammered it out

in 1:02 finally got a less than 30 minute time trial effort in, funny cause me and Jim was talking about it. now i just got to get this thing done in less than a hour. Goals what would we do without them? cant beleive Im already recovered from the race last weekend...


Brian said...

Sub one hour of the Chubb out and back would be pretty amazing. I'm not sure if anybody has every even done that?

Robert T. Metz said...

i had a friend that boasted a perfect ride out there but i thik he was mostly talk. Sub an hour is almost as crazy