Saturday, July 7, 2007

so I was checking out some other blogs out there, and its amazing how many races/rides that there is! wish I could hurry up and win the lottery... but there was some that got my attention for next year, this is one of them... They don't take very many people, but this would be an awesome ride.

Going up wedde rd. the top is up there somewhere!

Went out for a early ride this morning since I'm going to skip the binder race. (ride from home, save gas, spend time with the family, get stuff done) so i made it a bigger than normal ride, doubled up on all of the big climbs. got some serious elevation on this one... rode into a couple of guys on old Lemay, at least almost, coming off of sheck rd, you can almost hit 45 if u got balls and I'm sure there's people faster, problem is you have to try and stop at the bottom to make a right on old Lemay, didn't see no cars, but didn't see the bikers either, sorry about that! Hope you made it back to west county alright with the directions i gave you guys.

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Davey B said...

You going to RIM? I'm trying to get ready for it... I've been doing all these short races and forgot about long rides... I figure I can use it as a Burnin' warm up.