Sunday, April 27, 2008


6 months ago John at Cyclewerx told me about the Gary Fisher superfly, A week ago I went down to his shop to pick it up. I usually have all the patience in the world and waiting for this bike to come in wasn't a big deal, but the muddy trails have been bumming me out. Chubb would of been my first choice as always for this bike or any. but unless a miracle has happened lately I am sure most of the bottoms or still trashed. So Castlewood is always a good choice, met up with Mitch and Tom and a little later Ralph and his gang. This was a perfect first ride for this bike. This thing handles freaky fast and makes me feel like I am climbing on my road bike. BIG thanks again to Cyclewerx for making it easy to get a bike that seems very hard to get.

Me and Lucas have been working on his playground set and a new patio and some fun other stuff for the last couple of weeks. Lucas trying out the new swing...

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