Sunday, November 9, 2008

Middle Fork

So Me Mitch Greg and Jim decided to do the Middle Fork section of the Ozark Trail today. I think the biggest thing we didn't expect was the 30 degree start, no big deal I got the feeling back in my hands within a couple of hours. We were not out to hammer each other but to just get in a nice late fall ride. And other than a couple of crashes and one really big crash that Mitch got on video with his new helmet cam, the ride went great. We had to turn back about 4 miles from the end because of a pretty deep creek crossing, which wasn't worth getting or feet wet then having to cross it again on the way back. I am pretty stoked on this trail and could only imagine how fast it would be without all of the leaves. Mitch should have some pretty killer footage of the trail, I will post a link when he gets it edited..
stats for the ride.

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