Sunday, December 21, 2008

What do I got.

So it started out like this, I got a single speed at the beginning of the month. The perfect thing about a single speed is you don't have to do anything but ride it. I took the single speed to the chubb for a nice triple in 20 degree weather. 37 miles later and I realized why people love riding single speeds. For myself I love riding because its pretty much the only time I can relax and only think about one thing instead of twenty different things. Riding a single speed makes riding bikes that much easier. The next weekend I was wanting to see how the single speed would treat me at Berryman. Things started off great I got there just before the sun came up and actually used the stella 200 for the first couple of miles. The first loop went good and only having one gear didn't hurt to bad at least not as bad as chubb. The second loop went really good, I actually finished faster than I did the first loop. With the Berryman being about 23 miles for the loop it was kind of weird not seeing one other person on the trail the whole time and that is kind of a shame for this great trail.

Yesterday was cool getting back to the Big ride with Jim, well kind of anyway. With all of the riding that I have gotten in this month I was pretty much ready for a break. In Jim's mind that doesn't exist and with him having his brand new Scott addict he was ready to ride. So of course i was buying into it! I could go into detail about how bad this ride hurt and how the road was eating our bikes with every peddle stroke or at one point climbing a hill at 85 miles when I heard my bike telling me I was embarrassing it and could I please give it to somebody that knows how to ride! does your bike ever talk to you! Lucky for me Jim was feeling as bad as me so I wasn't holding him up to much. As bad as this ride was it still got my brain were it needed to be by the time it was done. So within the last 4 weeks I managed to do the Trifecta, tripple chubb, Double Berryman and two Big rides along with the usual during the week stuff. So I guess when I ask myself what do I got, I got nothing.


BLM said...

How about a little less bike riding and a little more working on my basement?

Frank said...

Just came across this--welcome to the single speed lifestyle! Kinda cool, eh? And, to boot, sounds like you're a tougher hombre than many others, what with ridin' in that cold weather--do you have snow on the trails, too, or just cold?

P.S. BLM's comment made me laugh--ignore him and ride 'til the sun dogs don't shine! ;o)
Ride One or Ride None

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

Hey thanks Frank, I am pretty hooked. Last week we had snow and ice that was pretty fun to ride in, today we got 30s and rain.

BLM it should not be a problem getting it done by New Years,
(2012) just kidding...

Jeff said...

What kind of calories do you consume during these long rides? Where did you refill your water during the trifecta?