Sunday, May 24, 2009

The original plan for today was to do 120 but we had a ton of stuff to do around the house and I didn't want to waste half a day riding. Didn't do the usual stuff to get ready for a really hard effort and wasn't planning on it. I got out the door at 6: 15 and the plan was to be home before noon. I guess some of the best rides come the easiest. I didn't go out to crazy hard and the legs warmed up great. I had put out a pretty good effort on Thursday and did about a hour on the SS on Friday and didn't know how I would do if I tried to go fast. Well the avg was a little lower than normal at the 15 mile point and that usually sets the pace. Things went good from there the avg kept going up. I made it to the bridge in 2: 51 was averaging 19, skipped the gas station. I was planning on getting water in De Soto but at that point I was dead set on not stopping. Once you get past De Soto there is two pretty big climbs left and I figured those would get me. I got them, never lost anything off of the average. I was pushing the heart rate up as the ride went on and it felt great had no problem pushing the red for the last 15 miles or so. Fastest solo big ride aka the Dave Pratt ride, aka the Washington park ride yet.. I finished it so fast we had enough time to go to Lowe's and back before noon! good stuff. 4:41 total time 19avg 7000ft climbing 89 miles. Garmin link. So we finished off the rest of the weekend with getting most of the landscaping done, the side of the house waterproofed the shop fully cleaned out and organized, the new water heater put in and the water line ran to the new fridge thanks for your help J cant believe we finally have a ice maker! Lucas carried all of the old landscaping blocks and put them under the deck all by himself, their must of been 50 of them. For his hard work we finally bought him a real tool belt and hammer he has been asking for, he was stoked. I will be stoked as long as I can keep him away from the cars!

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