Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Syllamo 09

We left out for AR. Wednesday night. This is by far one of our favorite places to camp. Lucky for me they have one of my favorite races at this place also. Actually I found this place because of the race and have been bringing the family ever since. Either way its just an awesome place. Good times with the family, good riding with friends and one heck of a great race.
Full race report here. Race results, garmin link.
My awesome support crew.


Zach Brace said...

congrats man!!....good things happen when you keep air in your tires. Still can't believe you did the race on 2 bottles and a couple gu's. wow!!

I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

Hey thanks Zach, I was licking the inside of my bottles on the red loop. congrats to you also. you said it best before the race, the most important thing is finishing. everything else is just a plus.

Scott said...

You killed it man. Super impressive!

Squirrel said...

Awesome job Dwayne! I raced Sylamo a couple years ago SS, had to DNF due to my pauls not engaging in my damn hub just before the red cup cake loop:( I will be back for sure, that place was awesome. 10 times better the Oauchita's Challenge... due to all single track:)


I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

Thanks guys, hey Squirrel wish you would of been here, you got to do it next year..