Sunday, June 21, 2009

Great Father's Day and a great Birthday.

This one was awesome other than the hot temps!! Took the family to St Joe park for the mountain bike race that I was doing. I was pretty worried about them getting over heated but figured that they could go swimming in the lake if they got too hot. Found out later that the water smelled really bad so they never went. I should of figured that out because every time I came through on a lap they were there cheering me on. Good stuff. St Joe park I think is mostly used for motorcycles and 4 wheelers and they have a big area for them that Lucas got to check out, he was pretty stoked. The race took up most of the day but when we finally made it home we grilled up some pork steaks, hamburgers and of course some hot dogs, favorite after race food. My wife and Lucas made me a really cool present have to show some pics on that later and she made me my favorite Danish Birthday cake. Also Big Happy Birthday to Mitch got some of that Birthday cake for you next time we hook up. I will do a race report later. Hope everybody had a great Father's day!

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