Tuesday, June 23, 2009

St Joe race.

Back in 2003 I did my second beginner race at this place. I have not done a race here since then but remembered it was a fun place to ride. Mr Grumke was putting this race on, it was race #6 of the Midwest fattire series. I am still very impressed with how much he did with this trail. After pre riding the course a week prior and having a hard time following the course ( some of it was missing and you were blindly going through the woods following just arrows) I wasn't sure what to think. Mr Grumke had his reasons and when it was all said and done he put together one awesome course. By race day the course was fast and dry and I was still trying to figure out if I wanted to ride the SS are not. So with the hot conditions it was a given that I would be more efficient on the SS. The Marathon class had the usual suspects with Mitch hiding out in the back thinking the easier you go out the better chance you have making it to the end of the race. It worked out great for him taking a nice spot on the podium. The race started out really good for me with the SS. I didn't know what to expect on the first lap but everything went perfect. I got out front from the start and had all my lines pretty dialed in. The heat was a big factor for the whole race and I am glad I am finally learning how to pace myself a little better, stayed as hydrated as I could and got in 5 laps which was my goal. Zach snuck in 5 laps also and didn't finish to far behind me for second place, great job man. Missed Jason at this race, I think he would of loved this course. Also owe him a congrats on getting the State jersey from the Rhett's run race! Results. Garmin link. from St Joe race.

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