Thursday, July 2, 2009

Berryman Pre BT Epic ride.

I love big rides and I am loving the SS. So it only made since to want to do a 24hr on the SS. Saturday's ride was some training for that. I did a little pre ride of Berryman then the plan was to meet up with Mitch, Greg, Todd and John at the Bass river resort. Which is the start of the BT epic race. The pre ride of Berryman went great other than a flat and a lot of cobwebs, I had spiders crawling around in my helmet when i got done, cool stuff! Made it over to Bass river resort in about perfect timing. Everybody was pretty much ready to go. I remembered a lot more of the race course than I thought I would and the trail seemed to be in really good shape. Only real issue was the heat which was about 95 plus degrees. Lucky for us there is some creek crossings to cool off in. We ran into the trail monster crew making the trail that much more enjoyable for us. It was hot riding the bikes I couldn't imagine hiking, pretty hardcore stuff. We ended up doing about 38 miles of the course, we left out the Ozark trail section down towards Hazel creek. Awesome ride guys!

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