Monday, July 13, 2009

Sac river race.

Pain and suffering is two words that seek attention to detail. In this case it was the last 3 miles of the race. When your in a race and you been by yourself for a while it doesn't matter what place your in you always think somebody is going to catch you, at least I do. Ghost racers have been chasing me as long as I have been racing, you know what I mean. The start of the race went good, got a good lead into the single track and just tried to stay smooth. This course was tight and twisty with some rocky rooty sections and lots of thorns. There were not to many good places to hammer unless you wanted to burn yourself for later. I pushed it pretty good on the first lap to get a solid lead and then settled into a good pace for the next three laps. Getting to the end of the 4th lap the cross country leaders came through. Jumping on there wheel was fun until I jammed up my chain. Chris came by chasing them down and I went after him for a little fun. I lost sight of Chris once we hit the single track going into my last lap. I was holding a faster pace on this lap then the 3 previous and having a good time. I guess about half way through the last lap a racer came up on me pretty quick and for some reason I was thinking he was in my class. I should of known better heck he came up on me quicker than the leaders of the cross country race. So when he wanted by I let him and jumped on his wheel for a bit then attacked him. It wasn't long and I was feeling pretty blown so I let him by. I was still pretty convinced that he was in my class so I kept on his wheel the best I could. I am still not sure how either one of us didn't flat and am pretty stoked at this guys riding ability. Long of the short he wasn't in my class and had peddle issues at the start of his race and was just making up lost time. Thanks for the ride Aaron hope I didn't interfere with your race. So for me the last 3 miles was a race within a race, I was almost a minute faster on my last lap than my first! Kept the HR above 180 for the last 3 are so miles. Pretty stoked that I could go that hard at the end of a 3hr race. Thanks to all the people that made this race happen, great course, good food and lots of shwag.

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