Friday, September 18, 2009

CB blue ribbon special.

Rich put on a great race. I wasn't to sure about racing the backside of Castlewood but it was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of memories of when I first started riding. It was probably one of the most mellow races I have had. Mitch and the rest of the local endurance guys were still pretty tired from the 6hr race the weekend before and I was still tired from our vacation. The race started off slow to the first climb. Picked it up a little and got a good lead. Nothing much changed the rest of the race, just rode. I got a flat on the 5th are 6th lap that maybe cost me 4 minutes. Picked up the pace some after that just to make up for lost time. Going into the last lap I realized that if I pushed it I could make the cut off and do another lap. For the first time in a 3hr race that I can remember I didn't go after making the cut off to do another lap. . Yep it was a mellow race! Finished in First place, Rich hooked us up with a awesome payout for the marathon class, thanks big! Ended up with a hrt rate in the 150s and a little over 36 miles avg speed 12.1. One of these days I will get the garmin to upload again. Looking forward to Burnin at the Bluff 12hr!

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