Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hillsboro road race. Tilles park Crit

Sitting behind a super strong Momentum guy, was up front way to much! Not smart in road racing, I think I figured that one out now... (Hillsboro)
second from the left, next to Shawnerrr.... (Tilles crit)
Road racing is taking over my mind! The Hillsboro race was a blast, getting more comfortable on the road bike in a group, felt good just need to be a little smarter, was were I wanted to be going up the last climb but not were I should of been on the long road going to the last climb, still

don't think it would of made any difference on were I was going to finish, NOT ready to be in a field sprint yet, pretty goofy I guess, just want to get more comfortable. I wasn't for sure about doing the Tilles park crit mostly because we had a ton of stuff to do around the house to get ready for the little guy next month plus I was wanting to enjoy the day with family also, which is one of the biggest reason for doing the Crits to begin with. We kicked butt on getting some very necessary stuff done plus I ain't a big fan of my wife trying to do to much house work being this far along in the pregnancy, so I helped her get most of that stuff done to. With everything done that we wanted to get done plus we were wanting to do a little bit of shopping we decided to go to Tilles park for the crit. Other than it being a really warm day (upper 80s) it was perfect. Lucas played at the playground for a bit, Bettina got some fresh warm air and I got to ride my bike in circles for a hour. I enjoyed this crit the most even with it being so flat, I just don't feel right not getting to stand and peddle yet, but that is what is making it so fun. I feel I have gotten a lot stronger on the MTB through the winter doing more pace line stuff on our big road ride we were doing every week. That ride and of course Double Berrymans have always been my foundation for the endurance race season. But up until this last winter I never put to much effort into actual road training, pace line stuff. Its funny though, over the last 4 years of training on the road with Jim and listening to all of the stories of road racing and the different things that go on, its all making since. Maybe that is what made the Tilles crit that much more fun, pretty relaxed, was sketchy a few times I am sure but feeling like I fit in pretty good with the road racing stuff. Don't get me wrong I do look forward to the MTB stuff, just not the mud and worrying about tearing up the trails plus the bike.

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