Friday, April 27, 2007

interesting ride

tonights ride had a little bit of everything, sun, clouds, little bit of rain, great sunset as i was coming over one of the bigger hill climbs. have to mention the couple of pissed off drivers, but then again there on every ride, its all good though considering i drive rush hour traffic everyday and see the respect people give to there fellow drivers (f--king nut bags)

so anyway the cool thing about riding by yourself, cause i dont live close to anybody that i would like to ride with, is you can try new stuff. tonights fun was seeing how many times i could blow up on the hill climbs and recover to sprint the end, lots of fun! and as always looking for more hills, got in close to 6000ft

tomorrow its off to the big circus, looking for more camper stuff, then to a birthday party.

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cploch said...

i guess your not riding with us tomorrow, huh?