Tuesday, April 17, 2007

your own race!

So i have this idea about a race, 40 miles of road, 40 miles on the mtb with a set amount of elevation gain for the road and then for the mtb. you design your own course based on the set altitude, you preride it as much as you want, on a set date and time the race begins, guess what your the only one on the course. each person races there own course, rules are simple keep the mtb part all single track, keep the road, well of course all road. When you are done you simply compare your times for the winner. Think about this, you could be racing against someone in Texas, Cali, Canada at the same time, you would know there out there at the same time and yet never see them, it would be endless. how much of factor would weather be, it could be hot at one place and cold at another or perhaps raining. Thats what could make this such an interesting race. A true race against yourself on a course that was made for you!

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