Sunday, April 8, 2007

ouachita challenge

I didnt really want to do this race again after last year because i didnt like all of the road. BUT thats what makes everything a challenge, so when the race sold out in 24 hrs you bet my name was registered, and thats when i traded in the road bike for the mountain bike on the road.

So the race started something like this,tried to stay up near the front for the warm up to the gravel road, it still amazes me how freaky it is riding in a big group of people, so i couldnt wait for the start of the gravel road because i knew the pace would definitely thin things out a bit, before i knew it we were heading in to the single track i was sitting in about 6 place, very stoked because i was feeling very good, so the rest of the race just kinda flew by, i gave up a few spots to some very fast road guys, got settled in on the womble and started thinking man there is like 190 people that would love to kick my ass and take my spot, so that gave me some good inspiration to step it up a little, other than riding a little sketchy at times, finished with a lot in the tank knowing i could of did more

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