Monday, September 24, 2007


First hearing about a 24hr mountain bike race some years back before I even had a mountain bike or for that matter even thought about riding a bike is what eventually got me into riding bikes and then racing them. From my first beginner race in 2003 this was always my goal to do a 24, its kind of funny because this was so much like a beginner race for me. I had some goals that I wanted to make sure I would accomplish and did. I owe the biggest thanks to Nathan Means and Mike Teiber for all there help, you guys were awesome!! and it wouldn't of been near as much fun if Chad and Mitch wouldn't of been there, it was great to get to ride with each of you guys on some laps. Chad I still feel bad I didn't recognize you on one of the laps but it still makes me laugh when i think about it, its amazing how focused you can be. I stayed awake for the whole thing and loved every second of it, did more miles than I thought I would a lot easier than I thought it would be. met some very cool people especially Matt and Josh look forward to riding and racing with you guys again. I felt at one point in the race everybody there was supporting me and that was a great feeling. for everybody that did this race I'm sure you feel the same way I do we all accomplished something great a 24hr race!! when I can feel my hands again I will do a full race report because there is so so much I would love to share...


TeamSeagal said...

Congratulations Dwayne! I guess all those sub-hour Chubbs(!) did the trick, eh?

MG said...

Amen brother... Everyone was supporting you! It was cool to witness the love the tribe down there has for you Dwayne, and meeting you was one of the high points of my own first 24-hour solo experience at Landahl 2007.

Finishing third behind you and Josh was as good as I could do that day. There was no way I was touching either of you guys, and Mitch, man Mitch rode one hell of a race too. My hat's off to all three of you guys. Total respect.

I look forward to riding and racing with you again, my friend.