Saturday, September 8, 2007

A little wet!!

Wednesday evening I headed out to greensfelder for a pre ride of the race course, bummer was it had just started raining when I got there. The cycleworx guys were there and Mike T the ICCC guy, lucky for us we ran into single speed Tom to show us the race course. What a good time! Well Friday the race was on and off a few times because of all the rain we were getting. By Saturday morning things were a little wet but the course was super fast. Race started like normal. This race I wanted to go redline for a bit then recover and do it again just to see how recovered I was from the 12 last week. Got behind a single speed guy off the start which was a bummer cause this course is hard to pass on, still was making some good time. by the second lap pretty much passed the rest of the other classes and it was an open course. Rain started falling pretty good just before the expert cross country race, course was starting to get pretty slick. Did the best I could to hang with some of the faster cross country guys that was a lot of fun! Finished up with 12 laps just a little before 3hrs. The beginner race was cancelled do to rain and the course was in pretty bad shape. This one was tough for the promoters, so a big thanks goes out to them for all there hard work!!

Over the last couple of years I usually had a hard time recovering from back to back races, seems I have that dialed in pretty good these days. 3 weeks 3 races still feel very strong. So up next is some big road rides to get ready for this 24hrs on a bike, ok so probably like 20 or something, should be interesting! only 2 weeks away.

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