Sunday, September 30, 2007

just getting there!

To start this thing off, the preparation that went into this thing kind of made riding it easy. What bikes to bring, charging all the lights extra tubes extra rims, etc. etc. etc. So once everything was loaded it was off to pick up Mitch to load up all his stuff, between us we had a lot of stuff, but we made it all fit!! Me and Mitch have a lot in common besides bikes of course, so the drive there was enjoyable. Before now I had ridden with Mitch a few times but never had the chance to talk to him, very knowledgeable guy about a lot of good stuff. So we roll into town about 1 or 2 and the first thing we are thinking is getting something to eat. Fazzolis was the choice for our prerace preride meal. Mitch found us a perfect spot along the course, setting everything up and checking in didn't take long and before we knew it we were out for a fun preride of the course. Preride went great took a lot of pics. and just road at a comfortable pace. So by the time we get back a lot of people or starting to show up, we are very stoked at the spot we got and decide to hit the showers. That has to be the coolest thing ever. The rest of the night was pretty basic eat a lot rest a lot more and enjoy everybodys company. Man I was very stoked when Mike T showed up, hadn't had a chance to talk to him so I didn't know if he was coming, He didn't show up until late and I think most of the rain drops already stopped falling. bummer or bummer not I think the rain actually helped the course out, just sucked we had to cram everything under the canopy. With having the camper there it made for a great night sleep, I think it was the best I have ever had before a race. So race morning came and I could tell I was already over excited for this one, would of rather of taken the Mitch approach! It wasn't long and Chad and Nathan had made it here. So we had a full support crew for the 3 of us doing it solo. I wish I could say everything was going smooth, but for the most part it did, I do owe Mike a big thanks for fixing my flat before I ever started the race and Chad for bringing down some extra rim strips. and with that man we were ready to race....

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