Thursday, October 1, 2009

Greensfelder race 09

More pics of the race.
3 years of doing this race on this course and 3 wins in the Marathon, Endurance class. The course was ran the same way as the 3 previous years so for myself it is fun to compare times of each year. You always want to know if your getting faster are slower. Of course there are always other things that come into play and I will usually analyze everything. I think I will always miss racing the other side of the course but this side flows better and you can pretty much ride it in the rain without any real problems thanks to Gorc. This race started off like any other race, fun and fast. I expected Jim Van Deven and Doug Davis to be on my wheel from the start but they got stuck behind a few people. I hit the first and second lap pretty hard and didn't see anybody close at the top of the gravel climb. Found out later that Doug flatted and Jeremy was breaking in his new 29er which wasn't going to good. Put it on cruise control for the next bunch of laps just trying to stay under the 15 minute a lap pace. Caught up with Jim on lap 9 he was trying to recover from a serious bonk. Bad luck for him, he is usually hammering me into the ground at the 3hr mark on the BIG ride. I was stoked that he kept going and finished the race. At some point my zipper on my bag came open and all my stuff fell out. Recovered most of it except my Co2 inflator, if you found one would love to get it back. Anyway that probably cost me from making it out on a 13lap. Last year I barely made it and still did 13 in 3hrs 14 min 45sec. Brad and Zach were pushing me the whole way last year, they only missed the cut off by a few minutes. So anyway got in 12 laps in 3hrs and 41 seconds. Avg. speed 10.7 Avg. hrt rate 160 about 8 beats lower than last year. After the Sac race back in July I know what I can do late in a race just didn't have nobody knocking on my door to want to get it done! That race sealed the deal for the series. Thanks to Bob and Drj for putting on a great race on one of my favorite courses. Its hard to believe I have raced at Greensfelder every year since I started racing in 2003.

Tuesday me and Jim did our 3hr loop. It was nice to get back to chasing his wheel! Its hard to beleive we are already using are lights. That ride hurt worse than the race...


Craig said...

Hey Dwayne,

I saw an unused CO2 cartridge on the trail during my warmup lap (probably about your 3rd lap). I set it on the large rock next to where it was laying.

If that was yours, and if your inflator fell out at the same point, it's possibly in the leaves right there.

Or, some b@stard found it and pocketed it!

I know exactly where that was, so I'll take a look if I'm out there this weekend and let you know.


I am Dwayne Goscinski said...

I had about 3 non threaded cartridges I lost plus the one that was in the inflator. I noticed my bag was opened when I heard some of the tools falling out but that was later in the race. Probably was loosing stuff the whole race. I bet Jim unzipped it before the start.
Thanks for looking Craig, If somebody found it there realize that it jams up real easy and probably toss it in the trash...