Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CB 09

Pretty stoked about the 12hr Council Bluff race this year. I didn't get to do any 12hr races yet with doing so many shorter races. Although unlike other years this year I have gotten in plenty of pre riding on the course. After the conditions of the CB race last spring I don't think it could ever be that bad, and it really wasn't that bad after all of the snow melted and you got used to not having any brakes!! Besides it has to rain before every MTB race this year. Looking forward to getting to ride my bike for 12hrs STOKED!! Another person that is a little more excited than I am is my buddy Jim. He picks up his brand new GF SuperFly tomorrow just in time for the CB race. The Superfly will make a big difference over his 27 pound f/s he was riding. Its cool having Jim hooked on the mountain bike again.

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