Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I recall the time being between 3 and 4 am. On the bike for 15+ hrs other than to grab a quick bite and check the bike over. Lights seem to be good, the trail was covered in a pretty cool mist and I would have to admit the roots from the trees looked almost like snakes. One gear and I had questioned if it was going to be to hard of a gear to push for the 24hrs. Once my mind is set in motion there is no changing anything. It is the way it is. At this point there is no winning are loosing, there is just riding. There is only freedom when you are crushing yourself, there are only more miles.. There is no stopping until its time, when is that time! when you have given everything you had... I miss the 24, I miss the 3am when it seems the world has stopped and you have no idea how you are still moving forward. Then you realize you have to because its your freedom, because in some strange way it will make you a better person, because it is your passion.

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