Sunday, March 13, 2011

St Joe race, 3/13/11

The last time I did a 3hr race was Sep 2009. Time fly's. Last year I was super busy with the business, not much has changed there just learning to take time to do the other stuff that I love. Jim couldn't make it so that was a major bummer. It was a tough choice on what bike to race, SS or geared. I have a super light rigid fork on the geared that will eventually be on the SS so I have been wanting to try that out and with not having a hard enough gear for the SS for this course the geared bike was the choice. The course is a true mountain bike course with some super fast single track, it has about everything you could want in a trail. even got to go through a tunnel! The race went great, no flats! Pushed pretty hard but nothing crazy, would of needed Jim there for that. Must of been doing something right though I ended up avg 12mph for the 3hr 6min only a couple other 3hr races have I ever been faster, must of been the rigid fork. Nice to see a lot of racers in the Marathon class, wanting to suffer must be catching on. At the end of the day I think everybody got there fill.... Mr Grumke did a awesome job on getting this course race ready. What was in my head, miss not being able to listen to the ipod during races but I do understand why..

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TeamSeagal said...

Glad to see you're back on the racin' horse!